Over a year has gone by since my Website to honour the pushing back of frontiers, was updated.   The uncertainties of Brexit meant that updates might well be outdated within days, and for that reason I have used Facebook as a means of communicating with followers, virtually on a daily basis. We are now approaching the most important General Election of the century.  My living History page moves my viewpoint on, whilst the Society page offers a view on the frustrations of the future.  A new extract from Chasing the Tide is this month’s Tale from the Edge, showing the main character at yet another a turning point in his life, as an old movie touches his conscience.  There is a poem about the name of the lovely valley in which I live, and my offerings are rounded off with some fresh spiritual thoughts to sustain the courage of the reader who shares our life at the Edge, where everything meets.

Darkness meets light; good meets evil; right meets wrong; love challenges hate, and failure success. These are the themes we will continue to explore together as they thread their way through memories of laughter, tears, and joy. We will  peer starkly through my research into history in the making the harsh yet uplifting lives of our ancestors, and the daunting challenges faced by people with learning and communication disabilities in a world of plenty. Hopefully, my spiritual insights will help sustain positivity in a world which can be blindingly negative.

The land will continue to meet the sea and it is my fond belief that when you reach The Edge you can retreat, look down or look beyond.  All my work seeks to looks beyond, to stretch the range of the possibilities open to us as human beings.  Whether it is by seeking a greater understanding of how our past bears on the present and future, by questioning why we believe the things we tend to believe, or exploring how future generations might solve the problems we bequeath to them, we will peer together, not over the edge into an abyss, but beyond it to seek new horizons and greater understandings by sharing experiences through laughter, fear, shock and the challenge of simply facing facts.

Nothing is impossible when standing at The Edge, and this month we will take our shared story on.  In the spirit of  legislation, I promise that, should you contact me, I will never divulge your e-address to any third parties. If you would welcome direct contact with me, please let me know, otherwise I will delete your e-address from my records. Welcome to another month of Life at The Edge.

Ken Davies, December 2019