Poems from The Edge


A bit more serious, ,this month’s poem reflects on how attitudes change. Back in the sixties,my generation was rebelling against social constraints, seeing love as too great a concept to be regulated by officialdom and cultural mores. Sometimes it seems that those ideas are main stream; yet we remain enslaved by our culture. My sonnet tries to reflect that. What do you think?


Was love for us a bubbling cauldron cold

to defy a world of ordered dreams

Unshaped by reasoned rhetoric of old

A solace for life’s restless refugees?

Dark reason quelled the rage of order lost

The radical is nought but normal now

And pioneers returned to prison’s grip

Look on as freedom grows from where they ploughed.

And love unlost gives warmth to all around

Unfettered from the one unwavering force

The wake may wander yet retain its line

With forthright reason flowing through its course.

For love is life and life is love’s own way

Like the mountain stream, it tumbles to the bay.

© Ken Davies 2007