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We have already touched on the idea of basic needs and how their fulfilment is a precondition for the achievement of higher order needs. Chakra theory develops these ideas along spiritual lines, and  brief sortie into it can help make my point. The seven major chakras are seen as internal vortices of energy located within our bodies, and spinning at different frequencies as they distribute their energy.

The lowest frequency root chakra, located near the base of the spine is about our basic physical needs to ensure survival. It is about our need for food as fuel, clothing, shelter and sex purely as the means of staying alive.

The higher frequency sacral chakra, located behind the pelvis, is about our need for pleasurable experiences. It converts these activities of the root chakra into pleasurable experiences, ensuring that we will pursue them. Thus the two chakras need to contain elements of each other in order to fulfil their basic drives.

Because we need to function in a social world, these pleasurable activities need to be fulfilled in socially acceptable ways, and the basic drive of the solar plexus chakra is to empower us to bring this about. There is little point in making procreation a pleasurable experience if we are exiled from all others people This is why the solar chakra is also called the power chakra, for its basic drive is to move us to an equitable power balance with others, to be able to share rules yet maintain our own autonomy. We find the balance between these three chakras rather as a child find how to balance a tower of blocks. The two bottom ones need to be in reasonable balance to accommodate the third. It is important to note that this is something the child discovers, rather than learns.

The first three chakras are about the balance between material needs required  before moving on to more abstract and spiritual things. The heart chakra is the vital link, being about being able to love.  Only the capacity for love can activate the drive of the throat chakra, which is about self expression, our ability for creativity.

In turn, balance at this level enables the drive of the brow chakra, which is to explore and learn about the spiritual.  The resulting balance frees the drive of the crown chakra to go beyond, surrender, and be a part of spirit.

It can be seen how balance at each level implies the incorporation of features of each of the previous levels within it.  You will know how enjoying a meal in pleasant surroundings with congenial company is physically pleasing. Perhaps you can imagine the taste and feel of every morsel reminding you of the pure joy of living, the wonder of being, and evoking an oceanic feeling of awe at the beauty of our world of plenty. If so, you will have a feel for what I mean.

Can it be an accident that the Heart Chakra is seen as the focus of Love, and that it is the link between our basic material needs and those of our spiritual selves?  It once occurred to me that the great love that is the basic drive of the Heart Chakra is like a garden full of life and colour.  All is Love, and Love is the blessing of humanity, the vital link between Heaven and Earth.

David Pond explains that perfect balance is seldom found, which is why many people only ever achieve fleeting glimpse of their true selves in the form of flashes of love, creativity or that oceanic feeling of being whole. Many become fixated at one level or another, bound to a treadmill of searching for security, pleasure, social dominance, love, self expression, or even an obsession with the spiritual.  Wherever we wish to go, we have to start from where we are and, inevitably, we will take different directions, as have the Maharishis, Buddhas, Mother Theresa, David Livingstone or Rudolf Steiner.

From the perspective of Chakra Theory, the key to understanding energy is to understand what each chakra does. As perfect balance between them is seldom found, we have to work from whichever perspective we can.

It does seem important to note that understanding the chakras is an intellectual process, another way of seeing the spiritual, but this understanding can lead to experiencing the process. It illustrates the power of imagination in linking the material to the spiritual.  Students of fiction understand the power of imagination to take us beyond fact into the realm of what could or might be.

Bless you for reading this page.

© Ken Davies 2018